Saturday, October 30, 2010

Content of Enterprise Architecting

What is the are of understing one should have while talking about Enterprise Architecting, Yes, that was always a question in my mind. and after going through many defination onweb i am able to come up with the following bullet points. but yes "The TOGAF 9 Training Session" added some value.

• Architecture Frameworks
• Architecture Development Process
• Modeling specification such as UML 2.0, BPMN etc.
• Component Programming Model such as standard .NET
• Pattern and Reusable Assets
• Business Process Management
• Model Driven Architecture
• Service Oriented Architecture
• Legacy transformation, EAI
• Architecture Realization & Assessment Governance capability

Key elements of TOGAF 9
Boundaryless Information Flow is the key driver of "TOGAF 9", and open group has come up with some defination for "Architecture Development Methodology"

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