Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How to allow wcf client to get WCF service exception details

There are two ways to allow client to get the wcf exption details


one is by adding the "includeExceptionDetailInFaults" in serviceDebug tag

< behaviors >
< serviceBehaviors >
< behavior name="WCFSampleServiceBehaviors" >
< serviceMetadata httpGetEnabled="true" / >
< !-- The tag below allow to get the exception details from client -- >
< serviceDebug includeExceptionDetailInFaults="true"/ >

< serviceCredentials >
< userNameAuthentication userNamePasswordValidationMode="Custom" customUserNamePasswordValidatorType="WcfService1.CustomUserNameValidator,WcfService1"/ >
< /serviceCredentials >
< /behavior >
< behavior name="ServiceBehavior" >
< serviceSecurityAudit auditLogLocation="Application" serviceAuthorizationAuditLevel="SuccessOrFailure"
messageAuthenticationAuditLevel="SuccessOrFailure" / >
< /behavior >
< /serviceBehaviors >
< /behaviors >

Second option is adding service behavior "IncludeExceptionDetailInFaults=true"
[ServiceBehavior(IncludeExceptionDetailInFaults = true)]
public class WCFSampleService : IWCFSampleService


Saturday, September 18, 2010

WCF question answer

What is ABC of WCF ?

A : Address (Where is the service?)
B : Binding (How do i talk to service?)
C : Contracts (What service can do/perform ?)

Address : Specifies the location of the service which will be like http://Myserver/MyService.Clients will use this location to communicate with our service.

Binding : Specifies how the two paries will communicate in term of transport and encoding and protocols

Contract : Specifies the interface between client and the server.It's a simple interface with some attribute.

there are three types of contract in WCF.
1. DataContract
2. OperationContract
3. ServiceContract

What is endpoint ?
End point is the address where Service resides.

What is the difference between web service and wcf ?
1. web services can use only HTTP channel, when WCF support Tcp, Http & msmq
2. Web service can hosted on IIS only, when WCF can be hosted on IIS, Was, self hosting
3. With WCF you can use SSL to encrypt the communication (to do that in ASMX you need to use WSE - Web Services Enhancements), you can send big files and securely (to do that in ASMX you need to use MTOM - Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism)

WCF Security related question & answer

Wcf Security implementation

Thursday, September 16, 2010

LINQ to SQL implementation step by step

LINQ to SQL implementation step by step

Right click on project solution => Add New Item =>
Select DBML class, give some appropriate name and add in project.

now open your server explorer and add some database. => drag some table on the dbml file.

// this is the class generated by hr.dbml
HRDataContext hr = new HRDataContext();

// get any one table
var q = from a in hr.GetTable()
select a;

// bind the table in datagrid
GridView1.DataSource = q;

Data LINQ examples

To use LINQ (Language Integrated Query) you just need to have the following 2 namespace reference
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;

// using where clasue within the collection.
List allCities = Common.GetAllCities().Where(c => c.DewPoint> 1).ToList() ;

// using where clasue & some property contain value search.
List allCities1 = Common.GetAllCities().Where(c => c.StationName.Contains("a")).ToList() ;

// pick the default value collection
Climate climate = Common.GetAllCities().SingleOrDefault();

// pick the First/default value collection
Climate climate1 = Common.GetAllCities().FirstOrDefault();

// sort the list

Read xml data using Xml.Linq to generic list

using Xml.Linq.XDocument is very easy. now lets see how to pick the following xml file into xdocument and query with in the filedata using XML.Linq

< ?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ? >
< Cities >
< City StationName="Mumbai" >
< WeatherCondition >Not Extreem< /WeatherCondition >
< WindDirection >North-to-South< /WindDirection >
< Temperature >30 degree C< /Temperature >
< DewPoint >16< /DewPoint >
< Humidity >14.05< /Humidity >
< WindSpeed >Mild< /WindSpeed >
< /City >
< City StationName="Kolkata" >
< WeatherCondition >Dry< /WeatherCondition >
< WindDirection >East-to-South< /WindDirection >
< Temperature >32 degree C< /Temperature >
< DewPoint >11< /DewPoint >
< Humidity >12.35< /Humidity >
< WindSpeed >Strong< /WindSpeed >
< /City >
< City StationName="Delhi" >
< WeatherCondition >Hot< /WeatherCondition >
< WindDirection >East-to-North< /WindDirection >
< Temperature >42 degree C< /Temperature >
< DewPoint >7< /DewPoint >
< Humidity >11.35< /Humidity >
< WindSpeed >Strong< /WindSpeed >
< /City >
< /Cities >

Now read the above xml data using Xml.Linq.XDocument

public static List GetAllCities()
// Load a Xml File into XDocument class
XDocument xmlDoc = XDocument.Load(@"App_Data/CitiesClimate.xml");

// Read the Xml data into a
var cities = from xmlData in xmlDoc.Elements("Cities").Elements("City")
select xmlData;

Climate climate = null;
List climateList = new List();

//Now loop through all the cities in resultset
foreach (var city in cities)
climate = new Climate();
climate.StationName = city.Attribute("StationName").Value;
climate.WeatherCondition = city.Element("WeatherCondition").Value;
climate.WindDirection = city.Element("WindDirection").Value;
climate.Temperature = city.Element("Temperature").Value;
climate.DewPoint = Convert.ToDecimal(city.Element("DewPoint").Value) ;
climate.Humidity =Convert.ToDecimal(city.Element("Humidity").Value);
climate.WindSpeed = city.Element("WindSpeed").Value;

return climateList;

Now see how to search some records
// Here we can perform search
var cities1 = from xmlData in xmlDoc.Elements("Cities").Elements("City")
where Convert.ToInt32(xmlData.Elements("DewPoint")) > 11
select xmlData;

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Journey was always tough, but I got something on my way

Journey was always tough, but I got something on my way everytime i have been through! Yes, that has happen with me many times ...and repeated again. I don't know how! what force does work behind it, whatever may be the logic i enjoy the result.

Yes, i always wanted to be satisfied (as everyone wants) with whatever i do, but sometimes that become very tough because of many reasons. and i get stumbled over again and again. Specially in last few months it went to a farthest point, somehow i kept myself cool.. during the time i also felt that there are many who might be in more tougher situation.. and question popup what can be done....that's probably the point when i could visualise the idea..

Monday, September 6, 2010

FirstCoder, a utility for C# developer

Introdcuing an Utility that can reduce your work load specially if you are working in C#, Just connect your database ..and a few clicks all your business objects are ready to be used.

I have seen at least 40% of our time we spend in doing few standard functions for all the application we develop in our lifetime, sometimes I feel tired doing same monotonous task, i don’t believe in doing any job which can be automated, let the utility do all task for you….just relax!

I am sure many of you might have experienced the same.

Here I have identified few tasks for the same reason, and automated for all the following task for you.

Java Script Objects: The utility writes java script for all your business objects with few standard methods in it, like addToList(), removeFromList(), getById(id), getAll(),

JSON: The utility writes Json structure for all your business objects with few standard methods in it. Like Save, Get. I keep the JSON structure ready, you just need to set the value from your page control and you are done! JSON can make call to web service or WCF service.

WCF / Web Service: The utility creates wcf service for your entire object with a hosting plan on IIS and one page for service registration.

HBM: The utility gets your entire basic HBM ready within in a minute; I take care of id, composite key, one to many, one to one etc.

Business Entity: Write all business entity with custom attribute like wcf compatible, n-hibernate compatible.

Data Objects Structure: You must have seen often we change our database object structure during the development, but never update our technical specification, so here I create a document for all tables, views & procedures.

Once you standardize the definition, I produce exactly the same, you don’t have to spend time in object creation & to review them, and thus I also save some time, so more quickly you can concentrate on core business area.

Here is the link to download the utility

Upcoming Features :
1. Format all projects code at one click.
2. Identify all areas where function definition has not been written
3. Generate a report all of all function details, so we can identify if any duplicate function written or naming convention are incorrect, that may help to save the review time.

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