Saturday, August 15, 2009

HR Recruitment process management System

HR Software, HR Recruitment software

ETG Consultancy introducing a most useful efficient software for HR recruiter, the name of the software is "HR Recruitment process management System"

It has all the features that a any hr recruitment firm may require.

1. Add / Edit Client
2. Add new requirement, any client can have multiple requirement.
3. Add / Edit / Search Candidate
4. Maintain Candidate history
4. Schedule Interview / Follow-up interview
5. Send bulk mail for new opening
6. Add note / reminders
7. Create / edit templates
8. Search Interview by date / status

Admin part
1. Add / Edit Consultant
2. Manage consultant’s profile
3. Track consultant’s activity reports
4. Business reports
5. Case history by Company.
6. Case history by Consultant.
7. Data transfer from excel to SQL database.

Open Area
1. Candidate can submit their profile to your database.
2. Companies can send you their requirement

All reports are downloadable in excel format.

We understantd that requiremnt may differ from company to company based on their business practice, we can provide customized solution for any specific requirement.

the application is built in .net 2.0 & sql backend, can be deployed over internet & intranet environment, any client need a winform UI or oneclick installer also can contact me at, if required we can make it WCF compitable. now contact

Anybody wants to see a demo please conatct me.

we soon publish the HR Software product on our website

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