Saturday, August 15, 2009

HR Recruitment process management System

HR Software, HR Recruitment software

ETG Consultancy introducing a most useful efficient software for HR recruiter, the name of the software is "HR Recruitment process management System"

It has all the features that a any hr recruitment firm may require.

1. Add / Edit Client
2. Add new requirement, any client can have multiple requirement.
3. Add / Edit / Search Candidate
4. Maintain Candidate history
4. Schedule Interview / Follow-up interview
5. Send bulk mail for new opening
6. Add note / reminders
7. Create / edit templates
8. Search Interview by date / status

Admin part
1. Add / Edit Consultant
2. Manage consultant’s profile
3. Track consultant’s activity reports
4. Business reports
5. Case history by Company.
6. Case history by Consultant.
7. Data transfer from excel to SQL database.

Open Area
1. Candidate can submit their profile to your database.
2. Companies can send you their requirement

All reports are downloadable in excel format.

We understantd that requiremnt may differ from company to company based on their business practice, we can provide customized solution for any specific requirement.

the application is built in .net 2.0 & sql backend, can be deployed over internet & intranet environment, any client need a winform UI or oneclick installer also can contact me at, if required we can make it WCF compitable. now contact

Anybody wants to see a demo please conatct me.

we soon publish the HR Software product on our website

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Simple thing is not so simple, simple mistake can cost a lot

We often heard "we / you are not organised" or "we / you should get organised" … from top management to junior level executives. It’s very simple sentence, very easy to say, but very difficult to feel it.

I have just felt that twice in last three years with two different companies, and also seen the horrible result, which I took as a learning lesson from process & I would like to share the flavour with you all. In the recent recession many companies have reduced the head count in the name of cost cutting. But is that really a solution? I doubt! I strongly feel we are still not able to pin point the leakage.

If I take both the cases (I have been with) as "case study", I found one thing common…is "communication gap" between "business manager" & "project manager", and as a result repeated unplanned work cost huge time. I am not getting into who was right and who was wrong. What I feel is missing is a well defined process.

I also have experienced that in the name of doing something quicker (most of the time that happen because of unorganised pressure from management), we do same job again and again, and most of our allotted time get consumed, as a result things gets delayed.

Many small and middle size (including CMM level 3/4) companies lose huge amount of man days (finally money) in this way. Where I feel we / they are not able to use the techniques (technology), they are being used by process. Or I would say this side is often overlooked.

Now let me tell you that I was very lucky to be a part of a "well defined process" three and half years ago, which now gives me a clear idea about how a simple thing can make a huge difference. All small and middle size companies can save good amount of time by paying attention to that "simple" things.

Arindam Chakraborty

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why SEO? And where is the Competition??

SEO is the most discussed topic in today’s web business, every site owner is aware of SEO and doing their best to optimize the site for search engine. Many companies claim to be the master of search engine optimization.

People who think SEO plays 100% in success of web business, I have some different word for them, I would call SEO as a regular process, it plays a major role in web business, holding customer back in site is more important & tough job. Which actually create the permanent traffic to the site?

User friendliness is very important in success of a web business. It may take time to create traffic in your site, but if the site has a well analysis in content decoration user must come back again and again, as they will enjoy surfing your site, http://e-tigers.netis a new upcoming business platform for manufacturers in India, importers exporters in China & India, Where you can feel the user friendly presentation, so the site will keep generating traffic slowly, but the user will comeback again and again.

So my recommendation is don't spend too much money for SEO, first you try to do it yourself, as I said SEO is just a simple process, so you just need to follow a few steps, take a look at , which explains each step in detail. You also can consult with any consultant.

I can help you to create a user friendly high end database driven website, we believe the same approach in our business, we want our customer to come back again and again, and we deliver quality.

Contact me if you have any query.

Arindam Chakraborty

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