Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jquery in web development

I have been designing & developing a web based application for last 10 years, In first 2 years of my career i was completely into page designing using photoshop, corel, html, css and little bit javascript, I designed many pages, many website for different companies & individuals, later i got into programming asp, php, openscript..then for last 5 years, now I dont get a chance to play with webapge designing, most of the time go for middle tier development.

I always used think of a web page that will behave like a win form application, very stable, first response and a smooth interface. After knowing about jquery i just can't stop my self from page designing, So whenever i get a chance i try to make something using jquery.

But its not that easy always, Here i will share my short journey with jquery, hiding and showing any div or object with some effect was just fun, but when trying to use jquery method from a repeater, grid or datalist i was not finding any example, that really took some time to figure out the way, so i wish if this code helps some one like me. i have published all code in my site tep by step
Hope you guys will ejoy!

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