Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Success in small business.

Everyone wish to own a small business and want it to succeed. You may know that there are many competitors and all are well established. So the question is - "How do you make a difference"? How do you make sure that your services or products are viewed by your customer?

Never wait for a right time to start, Because today is the right time ! so just get started !

Success never comes easily. Start sharing your business information with maximum number of people through some presentable channel. NEVER SPEND LOT OF MONEY TO MARKET YOUR PRODUCT, USE CHEAPER OR FREE CHANNEL, because at beginning you may not have idea where the results will come from!

Try to keep your business details short, provide only basic information before your customer start asking you.

Try to improve the content and relation everytime you deal with your clients, treat him/her special.

Never force or try to finalise any deal, patient, everything will happen with time. just follow the regular process.

Don't forget to follow up your clients (most of the time people give up at this point.)

Remember there is no magic for success, so keep doing the cycle for 90 days and see the result.

Keep doing well
Arindam Chakraborty

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Asp.net IIS 5 relation

1. aspnet_isapi.dll : this dll made for receiving request from browser. the dll normally accepts request from all the following mapping files.

.asax ASP.NET application files. Usually global.asax.
.ascx ASP.NET user control files.
.ashx HTTP handlers, the managed counterpart of ISAPI extensions.
.asmx ASP.NET web services.
.aspx ASP.NET web pages.
.axd ASP.NET internal HTTP handlers.
.svc WCF service

2. inetinfo.exe : In IIS 5.0 there is only worker process to deal with asp.net based request. the file may be located at C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv\

3. aspnet_wp.dll : this is the worker process of asp.net pages, this is basically http runtime environment which process the page and send the response back to browser in the form of html.

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